Cougar kills man – Bo and James engage in a battle of wits.

Some articles have nothing whatsoever to do with politics.  For example:  This one is about a man being killed by a cougar in Washington state.

It happens every time.  Has anyone else noticed that there is no subject that escapes the gravity of national politics today?

Seems poor Bo couldn’t help himself.  Bo sees politics in everything.  James fired back.

Bo Comment

Bo hopes that somebody, anybody, from a political party he disagrees with, died a horrifically painful death that day.  He is so proud about his wish that he thought it appropriate to share with the world.

James could have took the high road and said something like “Seek help Bo,” but instead decided to take the bait and go low himself.

I’m not quite sure why James decided to add quotes around “dimwitted, shallow, uneducated, ignorant, frightened little Trumptard,” except that perhaps he took that quote from somebody else.  James:  If this is the case, is that really the best insult you could think to borrow?  I’ve personally heard much, much better.

James couldn’t stop there though.  Had to bring abortion into the discussion.  Way to win friends and influence people.

Bo is definitely sick and twisted for wishing painful death on his political adversaries.  He might even be a violent psychopath.  However, I’m not sure how James deduced those insults.  There are plenty of violent psychopaths who are quick witted, deep, educated, and brave.  Perhaps he’s one of those types of Trumptards.

Uneducated and ignorant?  And this is the quote James decided to borrow?

If James was just taking a page from the standard Trump supporter insult book, then he totally forgot to add racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, and misogynistic.  And orange.

Bo got 4 thumbs up, but 9 thumbs down (3 thumbs down I’m sure are James’ and the 2 people who thumbs upped James’ comment).

James got 2 thumbs up.

And the winner is:  Nobody

Bo thinks he “totally burned” all the liberals while James thinks that Bo “got owned.”

What is clear from this exchange is that both Bo and James need to stop paying attention to national politics completely, drop the smartphones, and walk away slowly with their hands in the air.  Do something productive.

Fix the 20% of the things in your life that you do actually have the slightest bit of control over.

Bo and James could expend 756,000 cycles of “burns” and “owns” and be neither more burned nor owned that they were this morning.  If you truly believe that once “your person” sits in the white house, your life will be that much better, I’m afraid you’re going to be very disappointed when they actually do.

And that jerk that cut you off this morning:  I bet they were totally a member of your team.  Bo’s team stinks.  James’ team stinks as well.  Its just that one stinks like skunk and the other stinks like body odor.  They all stink.







Who Benefits?

Cui bono?  Lawyers should not be the only ones asking this.  Everyone should.

Now there’s a question that gets little respect. Who benefits if I read this article and believe every word?  Who benefits if I don’t believe anything?

What are the crowds of commenters saying? If almost everybody else is saying some version of A, then A must be correct – right?  Wrong.  “Most people” are wrong more often than you’d think.  “Most people” on the internet comment boards are idiots.

Just look at what “most people” believed about a hundred years ago:

Cocaine was the miracle drug.  It cured everything.  Not only did “most people” believe it, but one of the very smartest subsets of “most people” believed it:  Doctors.

“Most people” or even “Most very very smart science kind of people” should not influence your opinion at all.

Ask me why I always question “mainstream medical science.”  Especially when there is fortune unimaginable to the doctors of a hundred years ago available to insurance and pharmaceutical companies today.  Statins, I’m looking at you kid.  I love cholesterol, and want more of it.  Yummy.

Just look at these comment sections and Twitter feeds.  I’ve never been on Twitter, but I have read the feeds from my colleagues.  They look exactly like internet comments but somehow – even dumber.

How can I say most people are idiots?  How dare I say such things!

For one thing, almost nobody knows how to handle money.  Yet almost everyone likes money, and seems to want more of it.  The majority of people will blow every dollar they make and then some.  This applies if they make $8,000 a year, $80,000 a year, or even $800,000 a year.  Your 401k isn’t going to cut it.  You need to save past this.

See my first post below.  I’m sure you have a very sad story as justification for why you can’t save anything.  I can guarantee you there is a story twice as sad as yours, but somehow, this person did manage to save money.  Above that, there is a story twice as sad as that person’s, and even they managed to save money.  And look, over here – there is a story twice as sad as even that person’s, and still they managed to save.

So in a quick search, you can find a person with a story eight times as sad as yours, but this person made it.

Everybody is trying to sell you something.  You don’t need the vast majority it.  You don’t need almost any of it.  It is not going to make you happier, despite how happy and beautiful the people paid to sell it to you look.  And they do look happy and beautiful don’t they?  It is not going to make your life that much more convenient, despite how gosh darn convenient the happy beautiful people paid to sell it to you make it look. Continue reading “Who Benefits?”

Who weeps for the straw man?

Dear everyone on the planet,

I must confess a guilty pleasure:

I am addicted to the comment section of internet articles. I rarely participate in the comments myself, but I’m consistently amazed at how much weight people place in the opinions of complete strangers.

I have never used Twitter. I have never used Facebook.  If I had my own business, I would definitely use them to advertise.  Otherwise, I don’t exactly see the point.

Here is a piece of free advice. I offer this advice with a 100% money back guarantee:

You will never change the opinion of a complete stranger looking to make themselves look superior to you in front of other complete strangers.  You will not do it via logic, reason, or rational persuasion. You will not do it by offering a sad story.  You will not do it by throwing personal insults.

Your time would be better spent trying to persuade the wall in front of you that your position is the correct one.

You are wasting your life. You are opening yourself up to excess happiness and depression, both undeserved.

Guess what:  That person you “totally burned” thinks you were the one who “got owned.”

Their team high fives them and your team high fives you.  Everybody won and everybody lost.

Wow – how productive.  You might want to start a side business digging holes one day, and then filling them in the next.  This could really take you places.

Twitter and Facebook are merely different avenues one takes to the comment section on the internet.  There is nothing new here folks.

This site is dedicated to seeking out the biggest massacres of straw men on the sites I frequent.  I welcome comments myself.

I will do my best to stay out of politics.  However, it seems politics has infected every topic today.  Subjects that had been utterly noncontroversial even 3 years ago are divisive political subjects today.

For whatever sad story you present to bolster your position, I raise you a story twice as sad to bolster mine.