Who are “they,” who is “we,” and why would all “communities” think exactly the same way?

The pronouns “they’ and “we” need to take a vacation from rational conversation.

I find myself grouped into “we” and “they” far more often than I’m comfortable with.

This is particularly true when reading stories about political issues.

Last I checked, the only person that speaks for me is me.  Count me out of your we, whatever it is.  We don’t need to do anything.  If it’s so important to you, then why don’t you do something about it.  I never agreed to be part of your we.

Just be careful about fixing it, because you might just make it worse.

Good intentions mean nothing.  How you feel about it means nothing.  How hard you work on it means nothing.  If you make it worse – it’s still your fault.  Be careful “fixing” things you know very little to nothing about.

We and they are divisive terms when applied against those who did not agree to be included.

Here’s the scam, some article says:

“As (insert generic large population group here), we feel …”

See what happened there?  The author is suddenly a spokesman for everybody  in a large population group.  Except he’s not.  At all.  Nobody elected this person spokesman for the entire group.  I sure as heck didn’t.  In fact, I bet not a single person in that group gave this person permission to speak for them.

Starting out statements like that means intellectual dishonesty is approaching.  If you continue reading, you’re wasting your time.

Many people are fooled into thinking that because so many people (the generic large population group) feel this way, the author’s point must be valid.

Except “so many people” don’t feel this way.  Only one person feels this way:  The author.  You’ve been duped.

Even if so many people feel this way – it still doesn’t make it right.  There’s that too.

“They” is most often used with a negative connotation:  Who’s responsible for the latest atrocity?  They are!  Who needs to die?  They do!  Who is taking advantage of you?  Them!  Who doesn’t care?  They don’t!

Demand precision:  First and last names of those responsible, and incontrovertible proof of the compromising or illegal action being alleged.  Motive, means, opportunity, and hard evidence.

The Black community.  The Latino community.  The Irish community.  The White community. The Asian community.  The Arabic community.  The Indian community.  The gay community.  The trans community.

Please stop using the word community as if it means that all people who belong to it think the same way.  If you don’t use it yourself, stop reading articles that pretend to tell you that all “communities” think this way.  They don’t.

Read some history.   Actual books.  Several of them, written by people with differing viewpoints.  Not just an article, or worse, the headline from an article.

Every community has disputes with its own members as much or more than it does with other “communities.”  Heck, more than half the marriages can’t even stay together.  Why would you expect entire communities to come to agreement?

Have you ever heard of a civil war?  Local crime?  Local violent crime?  There is no community.  There never was.  There never will be.

If people within a single community routinely kill each-other over irreconcilable differences, and have throughout the pages of history, how can anyone possibly be a spokesman for an entire “community?”

There are jerks in every community.  This is why I associate myself with none of them.  I am responsible for my actions and mine alone, not those of however you randomly define my “community.”

Common language naturally means you’ll have more in common.  Customs too.  It sure doesn’t mean you agree with everyone that speaks your language.  Nor does it mean you agree with everyone that shares your customs.  That is insane.

As a longstanding member of the white community, I must have missed the invitation to the annual “White guy top priorities” meeting for the last 48 years.

I am not a member of your we, the subject of your they, or member of your community.

My priorities are not yours, nor yours mine.  Stop presuming you have any capacity to speak for me.  I never granted it – so you don’t.





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