It is now impossible to conduct a placebo controlled trail on any COVID vax booster

I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that every American who wants “the” vax (TM), has already had “the” vax, or 2 or 3.

Local and cable news “inform” us every day about how safe and effective (TM) it is. When the news isn’t pushing the vax, the commercials between news segments are pushing the vax – many times directly from your state’s health director or governor. Some public businesses actively bar the “Filthy Unvaxxed” (TM) from entering, or make them identify themselves some way – like a less than useless face covering (article brewing). When that’s not happening, your employer is pushing the vax. Some employers are pushing it so hard they are firing people who choose not to get it. The Supreme Court is already arguing on the vax mandate.

See here for my thoughts on that.

In summary – this vax is being sold harder than a Florida timeshare at the Ramada Inn. Act TODAY – or you’ll DIE!!!! If you don’t die you might just KILL GRANDMA!!!! Let’s just forget about the viral load being statistically identical between vaccinated and unvaccinated for now.

Actually no – let’s not forget that. Nobody is killing grandma by being unvaccinated. Nobody is killing anybody by being unvaccinated. Stop lying. Just stop it.

In America today, it is impossible to not know that:

1: The vax is out there

2: Your life will be inconvenienced (at bare minimum) if you choose not to take it.

Given the above – I reiterate my first statement: Every single person in America who wants the vax, whether enthusiastically or begrudgingly, has already taken either 1,2, or 3 doses of it. As hard as this thing is being pushed, it wouldn’t shock me the learn that some people have taken jabs from Pfizer/Biontech+Moderna+J&J. If one is good – right???

Given this, who is left to volunteer for a clinical trial as a potential member of the placebo group?

Everybody who wants anything to do with the vax has already received it. They can’t be part of a clinical trial. They’ve already taken the medicine.

Everybody left over is so dead-set against it they are willing to lose their jobs, endure public ridicule and shame, risk divorce, risk losing friends and family members, be barred from college, and generally be banned from “normal” life. These people will never volunteer for a clinical trial. They’ve already made their decisions quite clear.

I am one of these people. I recoil from high pressure sales tactics. The more I hear about it – the more I despise it. I suspect I’m not alone.

So tell me this: How does one conduct an efficacy study with a double-blind or merely observer-blind clinical trial without any placebo group? Uh-oh.

Given the sharp efficacy fade over 6 months and the negative efficacy against some variants after a period of time, I can say with utmost certainty I will never take this medicine.

Let’s not forget that since the original placebo group was given the option to take the vax, we may never know long term side effects. Some have asserted that this was the intention. I have no evidence of intentional spiking. The fact that it was done at all – for whatever reason – is scientifically appalling.

What kind of clinical trial gives the placebo group the medicine? What is the purpose of even having a placebo group at that point?

You know the fast talking side effect lists you hear at the tail end of every pharmaceutical commercial on TV? (A bit off subject – but “diarrhea with fainting” is my all time favorite side effect.) They get those by comparing results of those who actually took the drug to those who just think they took the drug, but took the placebo instead.

The initial clinical trials for Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna, and J&J were not double blind. They were observer blind. Test subjects were notified whether they got the drug or the placebo. That decision alone is scientifically reckless. The reason for double blind studies is by having the test subjects not know whether they got the real deal or the fake, their behavior cannot be influenced by this knowledge. It is also – as above – how side effect profiles are produced. If the people on the drug report headaches (or whatever), but so do the same percentage of people on the inert placebo, then “headache” is not a side effect of the drug. It is just a certain percentage of both groups having headaches.

Now you see why double-blind studies are extremely important.

Now – there is nobody left to even be a potential placebo group.

How do you measure absolute and relative risk reduction if you have no control group to compare the results to? To ask is to answer. Hence the title of this post.

Bravo – hard sellers.

RIP science.

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