Who weeps for the straw man?

Dear everyone on the planet,

I must confess a guilty pleasure:

I am addicted to the comment section of internet articles. I rarely participate in the comments myself, but I’m consistently amazed at how much weight people place in the opinions of complete strangers.

I have never used Twitter. I have never used Facebook.  If I had my own business, I would definitely use them to advertise.  Otherwise, I don’t exactly see the point.

Here is a piece of free advice. I offer this advice with a 100% money back guarantee:

You will never change the opinion of a complete stranger looking to make themselves look superior to you in front of other complete strangers.  You will not do it via logic, reason, or rational persuasion. You will not do it by offering a sad story.  You will not do it by throwing personal insults.

Your time would be better spent trying to persuade the wall in front of you that your position is the correct one.

You are wasting your life. You are opening yourself up to excess happiness and depression, both undeserved.

Guess what:  That person you “totally burned” thinks you were the one who “got owned.”

Their team high fives them and your team high fives you.  Everybody won and everybody lost.

Wow – how productive.  You might want to start a side business digging holes one day, and then filling them in the next.  This could really take you places.

Twitter and Facebook are merely different avenues one takes to the comment section on the internet.  There is nothing new here folks.

This site is dedicated to seeking out the biggest massacres of straw men on the sites I frequent.  I welcome comments myself.

I will do my best to stay out of politics.  However, it seems politics has infected every topic today.  Subjects that had been utterly noncontroversial even 3 years ago are divisive political subjects today.

For whatever sad story you present to bolster your position, I raise you a story twice as sad to bolster mine.


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